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Are you ready to completely TRANSFORM your life into a life of FREEDOM?!? 

Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired?

Feeling stuck in seemingly endless cycles of thoughts, emotional processing, anxiety or depression?

No motivation to do or create much of anything?

Not feeling FREE to be & express yourself fully?

Caring too much about what other people think? 

Knowing there is way more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Are you ready to finally realize, step into, and powerfully OWN the bigness of who you are?!?


Are you ready to finally realize, step into, and powerfully OWN the bigness of who you are?!?


You can CREATE & LIVE a life you love.


You can BE whoever you want.


You can fearlessly EXPRESS yourself in whatever way you want! 


You can quit your job or leave the relationship you are not happy with.


You can move, travel & live wherever you want.


You can find freedom in your body, sexuality and voice as you break free from societal norms, pressures & conditionings

We just have to get CLEAR on what your heart & soul truly desires.

What’s the next step?

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Callie is offering a free 60 minute clarity call for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are READY for a complete life transformation! We will look at where you are now and where you want to be and find the clarity on what your next step is for your journey!




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Crazy Women Unite!


Crazy Women Unite is about unleashing the crazy woman in all of us! Realizing that feeling crazy just might be our superhero power. Releasing the shame & empowering us all share our unique voice.
The FREEDOM to be.
The FREEDOM to express.
While having a damn good time doing it!




My YouTube channel is a place where I share my life’s journey. From inspirational sharings to my 65 day Camino de Santiago journey walking across Spain & Portugal to crazy dances with strangers around the world! You never know what you will get, but you will be guaranteed to be entertained & inspired!



Callie has the beautiful ability to hold me with such acceptance and relate to the depth of what I am experiencing. She always allows me to feel so understood and brings me to experience such aliveness and expansion, no matter what I may be experiencing. She has the innate ability to see the bigger truth of who I am and what my unique gifts are, that can be so easy to forget. And she powerfully guides me back to see my greatness, and ignites such inspiration and clarity in me for moving forward in life towards my dreams. Her true essence of aliveness and freedom is absolutely contagious and deeply healing. She has the gift of spreading the joy and freedom that comes from fully seeing and accepting ourselves and allowing our uniqueness to shine through.
— Amber Rose
From the first day I met Callie, I instantly felt her energy. If I could put a word to it I would call her freedom. That’s what she brings to my life each and every time I read a post or watch one of her videos. Her authentic freely expressive spirit has inspired me to share my story with everyone around me including social media. She lit a fire inside me that allowed me to be brutally honest and open in all of my relationships. She inspires me each and every time, to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thank you Callie, you have allowed me to come out of the box of shame and fear of rejection I was in, as I continue on this journey of learning more and more to approve of myself. It is an honor to have personally met you and i am blessed to have you in my life.
— Gabriela Molina
Callie made me feel that is fucking awesome to be confident, to be big, to put myself out there. She gave me permission to be my HUGE self. In her presence, I feel I can be confident and believe in myself and that she not only supports me in this, she encourages me to be bigger and doesn’t feel intimidated by my power. She gave me one of the most beautiful and important gifts I have ever received. To be allowed to be fully yourself, to believe in your awesomeness, to be encouraged to be confident. I feel so much love for this and it makes me cry that someone did this for me. To let me be in the space when those qualities are so deeply welcome when you are not put down for being arrogant and when you are not ashamed for expressing your strengths when you are not told to be small, polite and quiet. THANK YOU, Callie, FOR THIS AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I have never felt this way with anyone before. Your energy is so unique.
— Valeri Olar
Callie creates a supportive environment to fully relax into my being & feel the things I have been numbed to in day to day life. Her processes break through domestication and social norms. It’s a lifting of the veil between me and my true self. Sometimes I cry out stuck feelings. Sometimes I laugh out joy I refuse to normally let myself celebrate. Always in the end I feel amazing and more at home.
— Rahul
Callie is a powerhouse. She is a multi-faceted and talented human being with a heart of gold. She genuinely thrives on helping people to heal, transform and awaken to their highest potential. Her mere presence will light up a room and saturate the space with laugher, joy, depth and authenticity. Callie is a fountain of creativity and has the ability to manifest very quickly whatever her heart desires. This is a testament to her connection to the divine intelligence. To know her is to love her.
— Kay Moonstar

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