"Callie has a gift for transforming some of the world's heaviest, most taboo topics into love, laughter & freedom."


Awakening from the Dark nighT of the Soul

A free Facebook Group for those who of you who are ready to do what it REALLY takes to finally move past this Dark Night phase in your life and onto creating the EPIC things you’ve always known you’re here to create...




An 8-week journey for those who are DEDICATED & COMMITTED to realize the ultimate Truth. You will receive a simple yet direct process to move past ANY & EVERY challenge in your life. You just gotta be ready for a HUGE life shift. This is NOT for the faint hearted! 

Launching October 2018

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A free Facebook Group for those who are wanting to explore new perspectives around sex, sexuality, the body, and relationships. Get ready to shed all of your guilt, shame & conditioning BS. Let's get HONEST, REAL, RAW & AUTHENTIC!!! 


Get Ready for a Wild Ride to Freedom.


This group is about one thing and one thing only.


If you’re ready to do what it REALLY takes to finally move past this Dark Night phase in your life and onto creating the EPIC things you’ve always known you’re here to create...

...you're in the right place.

Hina & Callie are here to help give you new perspectives on whatever shit you are going through (complete apathy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or whatever other hell you might be in). We are not here to pile new teachings or concepts onto you. We are actually here to strip all of that away to lead you back Home to the Truth.

This group has just 3 rules:

1. No promotional posting whatsoever.

2. No posting outside content or quotes ~ this is about YOU grounding in YOUR direct experience

3. Please be cool and bring a practical attitude of using everything as an opportunity to release yourself from your Dark Night.

We are creating a tight container, so be warned that this is not your normal spiritual fluffy woo woo space. We are here to offer you the opportunity to actually make Freedom a real consistent life experience for you. In order for this to happen, we may call people out on their bullshit. Our expression can change moment to moment, but know that we are always coming from love & that our intention is for your highest.

If that is not what you are into, then this probably isn’t the right place for you.

One more thing.

Don’t be shy. We can’t support you through your Dark Night if you don’t share. We can only offer as much as you give. This is YOUR space. Utilize it to your full advantage.

So, understand that the purpose of this group is two-fold.

First, we're going to share very valuable perspectives around moving through these dark times in your life. You will learn more just by hanging out in here than you may have in the butt-load of Spiritual YouTube videos you’ve potentially binged on, because this group is about APPLICATION, not conceptualization.

Second, we believe our programs are the best in the world. Especially Dark Night to New Dawn - An Awakening Journey to Freedom.

Every once in awhile, we will be sharing info about our programs. If this turns you off, you are definitely in the wrong place.

Welcome. And get ready for a wild ride to Freedom.

With love, Hina & Callie



An 8-week Journey for those who want the Ultimate Truth


This 8 week program is the foundation to improving EVERY aspect of your life.

We hold your hand through deep meditative reflection and processing of all the hurts, pains, fears, and beliefs keeping you from the embodied peace and liberation you continue to consciously or unconsciously look for in your life.

Deep irreversible realizations of freedom and bliss occur from the meditative practice shown in this course, LITERALLY changing your perspectives on life FOREVER. The practice explained, shown, and experienced in this course develops a concrete inner space from where you can actually show up in your life as the powerful, loving, and fearless Self deep down you can sense yourself to be.



Looking back to my almost 30 years of seeking, I really feel this course has been the most effective one. No bullshit at all, every word said being relevant and essential, in the exact way I needed it. I feel that the two of you being so close and real to us, not some far away old gurus, was the cause of everything being so extremely relevant and clear.

Now I really feel I don’t need anything anymore, no seeking, no courses, no reading even, everything is here, is clear. I only need to practice. And this is the only thing I wish to spend time with. And to watch the amazing process of becoming!
— Magda G.
This should be called the “No Bullshit Deep Dive!
It has provided me with so much clarity and helped me to cut through so much of the confusion of my spiritual path. Hina and Callie offer simple and effective tools which can be applied to anything and everything you may experience in your life.

I highly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to understand themselves and their life more deeply. Whether you want to dive into self realisation or just learn to live a happier and more fulfilling life, you will not regret exploring everything this course has to offer.”
— Gary S.
For anyone concerned about “spiritual bypassing”, this course can be a great adjunct and possibly a corrective to your chosen spiritual path.

Hina and Callie give very clear, beautifully articulated guidance on fully recognizing, accepting and releasing emotions while being guided by presence.

I was moved by the sharing of their experiences, which gave us all a great example of vulnerability, fearlessness and determination.”
— Kathy K.

Are you a FUCK YES to ALL of the following?


Here is my Vision & Intentions for Sexplorations

You gotta be a FUCK YES to all of these in order to join:

Bust open sexually!
Be FREE!!!
Shed all of their conditioning bullshit.
Drop the shame & guilt they’ve been carrying around sex
Speak openly, vulnerably, honestly & directly from the heart
Drop the mind’s stories & get to the core / heart
Step out of the victim & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY & ACTION!
Have pleasure in every aspect of their life!
Have their sexual creative life force energy ripple out into the world!
Realize they have all the answers within themselves!
Fucking fall in love with the unknown! Into the VAST UNIVERSE OF SEXUALITY!
ENGAGE & not be a lazy fly on the wall ~ play on your edge!
ENJOY this ride & not take it so damn seriously
To realize their True Self!

If you are a FUCK YES to every single one of these: