What I'm learning from starting up Pole Dancing...

Started taking pole dancing here in the Netherlands this week. It’s all in Dutch. I can’t understand a word. I just watch, follow along & pretend I know what I’m doing. 🤣

My third class in, I accidentally walked into an intermediate series ~ where we had to choreograph a routine & perform it in just 45 minutes. 😳

Funny watching the thoughts that popped up. Fuck. I’ve only taken 2 classes and can only remember maybe 3 tricks tops. I can’t understand a word they are saying. My memory is shit. I hate choreographed routines. My legs are so bruised up cuz I’m a newbie. What am I doing here? When I dropped all the thoughts & just went for it, it actually was so fun. Doing tricks that normally take a month or two to learn. Realizing how so much more clicks & flows when I stop trying. Its amazing to watch what happens when the mind isn’t in the way!!!

Was also nice to drop the perfectionist in me who didn’t want to share this ~ who wanted to wait til I got my pole grooves on a bit more. Fuck that too. Share the progression. Share the bruises. Share whatever the hell you want to. It ain’t about others liking or not liking it.

I found a pole in the monastery I’m living at in Bussum. SCORE. I wonder if the nuns ever gave it a swing around.

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