Being a wanderer… 

I was always searching for a Home. 

As I set out on my world travels, I didn’t even know that Home was what I was looking for.

I just knew that the normal life that America presented me with… go to college, get a job, fall in love, get married, have kids… just did NOT make sense to me.

I knew there had to be something more to life than that.

So when my college boyfriend proposed to me… I knew I had to follow this urge within me to pack my bags & leave the “normal” life behind.

For the next 18 years I traveled the world. 

I didn’t believe in “God” or have any concept that there could even be a Home within oneself.

Through life’s amazing ups & downs & unfoldings… it led me closer & closer… so perfectly to this Truth within.

Looking back I can see it was only believing in my own thoughts… these “demons”… the illusion of separation that brought this feeling of pain & suffering.

Yet it was the catalyst for me to surrender deeper into the loneliness that I was so afraid to feel.

Nothing external brought me joy.

Nothing external could soothe this longing that I had.

No mask that I wore, no matter how amazing my life was… nothing brought real lasting peace.

I can see how I was so impatient & wasn’t trusting the perfect unfolding & Divine orchestration of life.

Thinking that I knew a better way. 

Looking back… it was all so perfect. I can see now that I chose it all. Even the darkest of times.

There is finally a relaxing now… a surrendering into the unknown. The silence. 

Mmmmm… “Home.” 

“Just know you are not alone…”
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