Lessons Learned from Dogs

Lessons from Dogs ❤️

1. Stop taking life so seriously... get out there!!! MOVE & play!!!!

2. Chill the fuck out & get still

Let’s dig in a bit more....

1. Move that body!!!

I highly doubt any of you who are watching this were born to live a life of a lazy couch bum or the life of a meditative monk. So get up... move that body. Shake things up... get out of your routine & find something new to do. Power walk, run, learn jiu jitsu or pole dancing, jump or dance around... whatever it is!!! Moving your body will help move your energy. And PLAY damnit!!! Why take life so seriously?!?!

2. Stop moving that body!!!

I also highly doubt many people are able to truly get sooooo still & silent. Even those who meditate for hours... most are so active in their mind or using some technique to try and still the mind. Can you drop everything - all techniques, all distractions, all thoughts and rest into the space... the silence... again & again & again in every single moment??? The mind won’t like it!!! You’ll finally have to face whatever was underneath & suppressed.

Maybe try out the one you are currently not doing! If you meditate a lot... get out and mooooove. If you’re the type that’s constantly busy... can you carve out time to get still?

Hina & I are here to support you! It can be scary to face what comes up when you get so still or when you start shaking things up:


You are so safe. You are so loved.

Let’s dooooo this... so we can play with such a lightheartedness like dogs ❤️