Who are you letting hold you back from fully expressing yourself?

Let’s take an honest look at how you’re holding back your expression because underneath you’re afraid of what someone else is gonna think.

I even found myself at 38 years old thinking twice before I post something because I’m afraid my family will see it.

I mean come on, why would you blame me?!? I spent 38 years unconsciously building up this nice girl appearance because I wanted to receive love. 

Well that’s a whole lotta BS. And in my opinion so completely and utterly selfish!!!!! By you dimming your bright ass awesome light... you’re actually preventing your huge heart’s kick ass message reaching millions of people!!!!!!

Fuck that.

So look within instead of just laughing at my videos or seeing how others are doing what I’m pointing to.

Comment below... WHO in your life are YOU still fearful of seeing you if you were to share ALL of you?!?! (Or are you too afraid to name them because they might see this?!?)

Is it your boss? Colleagues? Spiritual teacher? Ex partner? Current lover? Mommy? Daddy? Family members? Kids???

I bet you have a long ass list as to why you can’t share because of them. Fuck that list. Are you ready to burn it & start living a life for YOU???

If yes, what’s the first step you’re gonna take?

Share below. This is good shit here. 
Unless you just binge read this like everything else and never apply it.

The Choice is yours.

At least now you can’t hide and pretend you don’t know anymore.

I love you that much. ❤️