Awakening from the Dark Night of the Soul


Hina & I just completed our comprehensive 8-week live online program called “Play in the Silence.”

This course was all about learning and applying the only tools you will ever need in order to handle, heal, and release emotions and limiting belief systems that keep you from experiencing your best life, as well as how to live from a place of complete peace and freedom, knowing the truth of who you are and showing up in the world from that space, consistently!

The creation of this course was inspired by the obvious gap we noticed in our spiritual community - everyone learning all the self-help strategies, attending all the retreats and seminars, and watching all the videos but still not feeling any real sense of happiness in their day to day, moment to moment experience of life! So we decided to create a program where we could take people through the healing process step-by-step to create lasting, PERMANENT changes!

And it was a MASSIVE success! The transformations and tremendous breakthroughs experienced by our clients were off the charts AMAZING! And it deeply inspired us to bring this knowledge to the masses in a big way!


We come across SO MANY of you that have this deep knowing that you are here on this planet to do something BIG, yet unable to move through the heaviness that feels like it’s holding you back from showing up how you know you can… always doing your best to apply all the things you’ve learned over the years to support you in moving through tough times, yet not feeling at all satisfied with the results, or lack thereof. We totally get it because we were there! And we know the way out.

But the question is… “Are you ready to finally arrive Home to your Truth?”


We decided to start a free Facebook group: “Awakening from the Dark Night of the Soul.”


Our intention with this group is to support you in shifting your perspectives around your Dark Night of the Soul so that you can move through this less-than-pleasant phase of your life as swiftly, gently, as with as much fun as possible, and finally reach the other side - where you feel available and ready to step into the world in they ways you’ve always known you could.

We hope you will join us in this group if you’re experiencing anything less than STOKED all the time. We are here to assist you!

We feel so humbled and honored to share this group and this space with all of you. Please share the link with friends & people you meet along the way that would benefit from this container.

We love you,

Hina & Callie

What others are saying:

“Looking back to my almost 30 years of seeking, I really feel this course has been the most effective one. No bullshit at all, every word said being relevant and essential, in the exact way I needed it. I feel that the two of you being so close and real to us, not some far away old gurus, was the cause of everything being so extremely relevant and clear. 

Now I really feel I don't need anything anymore, no seeking, no courses, no reading even, everything is here, is clear. I only need to practice. And this is the only thing I wish to spend time with. And to watch the amazing process of becoming!”
~ Magda G.

“This should be called the “No Bullshit Deep Dive!
It has provided me with so much clarity and helped me to cut through so much of the confusion of my spiritual path. Hina and Callie offer simple and effective tools which can be applied to anything and everything you may experience in your life.

I highly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to understand themselves and their life more deeply. Whether you want to dive into self realisation or just learn to live a happier and more fulfilling life, you will not regret exploring everything this course has to offer.”
~ Gary S.

“For anyone concerned about “spiritual bypassing”, this course can be a great adjunct and possibly a corrective to your chosen spiritual path.

Hina and Callie give very clear, beautifully articulated guidance on fully recognizing, accepting and releasing emotions while being guided by presence.

I was moved by the sharing of their experiences, which gave us all a great example of vulnerability, fearlessness and determination.”

~ Kathy K.