Goodbye Cookie Cutter... Let Your Unique Light Shine!



All sounding the same….

Doesn’t this bore anyone else?!?!?!

I kept saying… oh Callie… be nice… at least they are sharing.

Yet a deeper part of me knew it wanted to help people BREAK FREE from the molds & conditionings that sometimes they don’t even know are holding them back.

What if EVERYONE felt the FREEDOM to express & BE themselves?!?! Whatever & however that might want to look like?!?!

There would be such diversity… such varying expressions.

Some would be fiery… some would be gentle… some would be motherly… some would cut direct to the core… but at least you could FEEL their essence shining through… instead of that cold armored robot shell.

We all have this ability & KNOW in our hearts when someone is being themselves & when they are faking it.

What sparked this writing was when I clicked play on a workout video I was about to do… I got that cringey feeling… my eyes rolled back up into my head… UFFFF… here is yet another teacher going into robotic teacher mode. Everything feeling so scripted… the outfit, the tone of voice, the expressions, the moves… I just can’t stand it.

Then you have workout teachers like my brother, Dane. OK… I might be a bit biased… but HE SHINES… He is so damn unique. In the middle of teaching what could be a boring pilates class… he breaks out into song & dance… or will do a back flip right into the splits.

It’s been amazing watching him naturally come into his light brighter & brighter. I’m cheering him on along the way… the more he shines, the more it ripples out to his students.

Whenever I visit him in LA ~ I HAVE TO take one of his classes. The last time I went ~ one of his students came up to me and said that because of his classes she was able to finally get off her depression meds. You know why??? It wasn’t from him being the next cookie cutter pilates dance teacher. It was from him cutting free from the mold & BEING HIMSELF IN ALL HIS UNIQUE GLORY!!!

Yeah… it’s scary.

Some people are going to judge you and talk shit. Some people just LOVE complaining & putting others down so they can feel better about themselves.

My deep down secret dream is that Dane will bring his drag heels to class & design his own line of multi-colored spandex to wear as he teaches… I sure as hell know he would put both RuPaul AND Richard Simons to shame!!!

I’m all about EMPOWERING people to SHINE their own UNIQUE light… whatever & however that is for THEM.

Not giving a damn what others think… because when you DO WHAT YOU LOVE and you KNOW where you are coming from… NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

I want people to DO what makes them come alive.

Imagine what a different world this would be if everyone was living their PASSION & doing what they loved!!!

That in & of itself would create a HUGE RIPPLE effect out into the world.

Who is ready to step out of the robotic cookie cutter mold?!?!?

Let’s find a new way forward… where we CELEBRATE our differences… support & inspire one another to RISE UP & SHINE.


oh yeah… and if you ever find yourself in LA ~ you have GOT to take one of Dane’s classes!!! It is bound to RISE YA UP whether you like it or not ;-)
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